Monday, October 13, 2014

Aggie Weekend Recap

Duh, Monday recap!!! We had a marvelous weekend down in c-stat, the station, College Station. Even though the weather was cooler than expected, we braved the elements and cheered on the Aggies to a "we have the better stadium" win! The code for: they lost miserably, but we still had a lot of fun! Seeee!

Just a little bear claw with my marroon on!! And Cody, our very generous host for the weekend!

 No worries, I was able to watch the Baylor game on a large projection screen! I was yelling and telling Duck Dude, "I think I'm gonna have a heart attack!" and being way overly dramatic while the Bears were kicking a game winning field goal to come back from a 21 point deficit!! Yes, it was as cool as it sounds and yes, I was very, very happy!!! 

Then, my focus was back on the Aggies and watching the band and players walk in! That part was cool. I also hung out with little Miss Rylee and we had a grand 'ol time!! She loves the band and sister Laura and I love her!!

Before we knew it, it was game time and we were ready to watch some football. We climbed 6,391 stairs before we made it to the top! We squeezed into our seats that are made for people with Rylee size hineys, but we didn't complain too much because it was also keeping us warm. #bodyheat

We left after the third quarter to beat the 109,000 that were in the stadium, and finished watching the game on a rooftop. Saw some friends, made some new friends-ish, definitely did not under any circumstances see a former student, and waited for 45 minutes for Taco Bell. 

And now, I'm enjoying a day of "professional development" with no students at school! Here's to Monday going by quickly!!

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