Thursday, October 2, 2014

Probably Begin Packing..

There's 5 months and 5 days until the event known as the Trollie wedding

However, before that lovely event, there is going to be the event known as leaving my 800 square feet of fun. My apartment lease will be up around January 11th. I plan on moving out of my apartment over Christmas break. 

This is not a sentimental post about my apartment... granted, there probably will be in the future. This is a holy cow... I need to start packing, post. There are 84 days until Christmas... which means I'm giving myself about 90 days before I move out. Woah, Nelly, woah. 

Things I could probably begin packing: 

   -   My own personal Christmas decorations. Let's be honest, they're probably not going to be used this year in my apartment. Or, better idea, move them to Duck Dude's house and have more decorations!!! We absolutely need two trees! :)

   -   My summer clothes. We are getting a cool front today, and I think it might be officially fall in Texas. Texas might change it's mind and bring the heat back, but now that I am back in school, the tank tops, and majority of the swimsuits can be put away. 

  -   My kitchen table can probably go. I think it's only ever been used as a DIY craft table or a buffet table for Bachelor nights. Although, I'm not sure where it's going. Who needs an old table that I picked up off the curb from our neighbors but is still in working condition with the help of some pretty placemats?

  -   My books, tiny shoe collection, kitchen decorations. I don't mind having an empty bookshelf for 90 days, if it means it's less to pack come Christmas time. And who really ever looks above the cabinets in the kitchen anyway? 

But this weekend, I am hanging out with Koal again. And I want to do nothing but watch Gilmore Girls on netflix.... 


  1. The cold front for Corpus this weekend consist of it still being in the 80s! Lol I'm so ready for 80s though, it was in the 100s yesterday! It's crazy combining two households into one, we even managed to accumulate even more stuff over the past 2 years of living together.

    1. haha is bad if I was talking about 80s being a cool front?? Hi, I'm Mollie and I've lived in Texas my whole life! We almost did not go outside this morning because it was 58 and we were afraid our girls would be cold!! :)