Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Adventures of Kollie

Duck Dude is home and Koal and I are very happy to have him home. I picked him up from the airport late last night, said hi and I missed you, then went to bed. So I am really looking forward to our date night tonight!! Where I can see his face without my sleepy eyed lens. 

What did we do while he was in Canada shooting, a collective, 300 birds? A little of this... from Koal's perspective, of course. 

"I looooove when I get to see ducks on our walks!! Mom, look!!! Aha! Tennis! Ooo! Tennis balls! Let me play!! C'mon... let me play!! I'm faster than those old people!!" 

Picture on the left     "No Mollie! Do not do your push-ups!! I do not support a wedding diet!!"
Picture on the right    "Thiiiiiis.... Let's do this instead!!!"

"Hey mom, I was really good today, like realllllly good.... take me for a walk?"

"Off to camp Marili's for some football and some fun!! I love football Saturdays!!" 

"I especially love camp Marili's when she keeps the back door open and I can go and bask in the sunlight whenever I want to! (And I did not get in the pool once, can I get a bone for listening?)"

"Heidi always thinks my bed is better... but I don't mind, because I would rather play with the 3,861 toys I bring out at camp Marili's!! That's what you do at camp, right?"

"Mom laughs at me because when I sit in the front seat, her passenger seat belt light always comes on.... but I'm gonna laugh at her when she runs out of gas." 

"Maybe not, because I am so tired from camp Marili's that I have to rest my head right here. Camp is exhausting!"

"Still exhausted on Sunday... Mom is ignoring me, because she says she has to grade papers... lame, am I right??"

"Mom says dad is on that little orange plane.. I also don't understand why she's sitting here clicking refresh on the screen every 5 minutes... Wanna throw my duck?"

"Dad's home!!!!!! And look what we got for him... Dallas blonde and ice cream. That, obviously, equals America..... or a little "witches brew" of our own.. Mom is so clever!"


  1. This is fantastic! I need to do a post through Kolby's eyes sometime lol

    1. Please, please, please do a post through Kolby's eyes!!!! :)