Monday, October 20, 2014

Oh Happy Day!

Last weekend when we were watching the Aggie football "game" at Kyle Field.. they played a nice little package on the screen for us to watch. They asked the players, "Who is the best singer on the team?" The majority of them answered two of the players. Then at the end of the video they asked the players to sing! And one of them busted out in a beautiful rendition of "Oh Happy Day!"

With bridesmaid Kristen in the stadium as well, she texted me immediately and said something along the lines of "our song!!!" Because, what you might not know about me, is I am a platinum selling record artist..... and I have the plaque to prove it. 

You see that correctly. The world-renown group of KMSquared made up of bridesmaid Kristen, bridesmaid Melanie, and yours truly. We only had one hit... but it was a big one! We had our own version of "Oh Happy Day!" and it was very..... happy! We had our own parts, our own hairbrush microphones, and.. eventually, our own record. 

Top all of that with the beautiful picture. I am trying to figure out when they picture was from based on my hair color. I want to say it was somewhere around junior or senior year of highschool.. maybe in between because I'm pretty sure we're at church camp in that picture. The days of ruling camp. I got stories for days on that subject that I will save for a later time. 

And just in case anyone thought we'd break up like Destiny's Child or NSYNC, we just wanted everyone to know we were/still are "friends." 

Maybe I'll open up a poll later if we might have a "reunion" at the wedding... but until then, enjoy our music video the real music video. Thank goodness iphones did not exist back then or we would definitely have a video. 

Peace, love, and Oh Happy Monday!