Wednesday, October 15, 2014

We Have a Honeymoon!!

And not just any honeymoon... a really, really amazing honeymoon!!! 

In 145 days, we will be headed to St. Lucia!!!!

And we couldn't be more excited, in my best Chandler Bing impersonation. 

uhh.. I have no idea where St. Lucia is..... Neither did I. It's right about here. 

But Mollie... what does it look like??

I'm so glad you asked. 

Holy beaches. I am so spoiled to have in-laws who want us to have the best experience ever!!

Why yes, I wold like to sit on this swing and sway in the sea breeze all day long. Only leaving to frolic in the ocean for a little bit. Yes, frolic. 

Or maybe leave for a little bit to hang out in the pool and the swim up bar. Bring on the bahama mamas, the miami vices, the kiwi martini, AND the strawberry daiquiris. 

Did I mention we can swim up to our room? Uh huh. Swim. Our own little lagoon. And then just casually walk into our room... like. it's. nothing. But it's going to be everything.  

And eat and eat and eat and eat. And make friends, and reassess our friends. And hang out with the friends. 

I believe I can say I will not miss any of you too terribly. Don't take too much offense to that.. it's only because I will be in paradise. With my husband. In 145 days!!!


  1. That looks amazing!! And swimming right up to your room?!? What else could you ask for!! AMAZING!

    1. Thank you!! I am so excited!! And I know time is going to fly!!

  2. Ummm...this looks AMAZING. I wish Beardy and I would have taken a honeymoon, but we just couldn't afford it at that time!! 10th anniversary is what we decided.

    Beardy Heart Beauty

    1. I think 10th anniversary is an excellent time to treat yourselves!!! I'll make sure and write a solid review of our experience in case y'all want to try it out!!

  3. JEALOUS!!!! Oh wow this looks so incredible! I want to do this for an anniversary!

    1. I mean, I haven't been yet... but I say DO IT!!! :)