Monday, September 8, 2014

They Call it the Hill Country

I love weekend recaps when I actually have something to recap. It makes writing so much easier!

We had a marvelous weekend in our little cabins on the lake! We were specifically in cabins "Hill Country" and "Big Bend" which led to Naked Nick playing and replaying "They call it the hill country" about 4,992 times throughout the weekend. 

That was our view and we loved it. We especially loved it when after breakfast, about 75 people came down to the swimming hole and baptised people in the lake. We were all watching until one of the guys put on the song "as I went down to the river to pray" from O Brother Where Art Thou and we all died laughing. Then we sang some "I'll fly away" and that led to the singing of old church songs. It was greatness. 

We headed out to get some sun and the water was so clear. We could see little 3 in perch swimming all around us. I felt like I'd almost rather the water be murky so I just didn't know they were around. 

Our cabins are right up on the top of that hill. We went back, watched some lightening from a storm that rolled in, and played a lot of catch phrase. 

"The person who sings 'girls just wanna have fun'!!!......Come on guys!!"
"....It was Janice Joplin"
"...uhh, Janice Joplin doesn't sing that."

We had some really thought provoking conversations. 

"Do you think Pringles cans were meant to be for tennis balls?.... Then a big shipment of potatoes came in and they said, 'we'll just make chips instead."

And we celebrated the princess birthday boy. 
"When it's your birthday, I"ll put you on a pedastool, but
right now, it's my dirty thirty... and my glass is empty."
Happy birthday Naked Nick! Let's do it again in a year!

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