Thursday, September 11, 2014

Dressing Enthusiast

Hoarder isn't exactly a word I would use to describe myself. I would prefer the term enthusiast. 

I am a nike short enthusiast. I am an avid nail polish collector. I am a shoe non-discrimonator. 

But this week, I learned something new about myself. I am also a salad dressing enthusiast. 

Duck Dude came over and I'm half way trying on this wedding diet thing I just finished a popsicle... so I decided to make a fajita chicken salad. 

Duck Dude got there, I was about ready, and I opened the refrigerator to give Duck Dude his dressing options. It was all up to him because I knew exactly what I was using, the brand new one I had just picked up. 

These were his options.      Did I mention I live by myself?

1. Mango Chipotle Vinaigrette - and yes, it was excellent! Sweet and a little spice.
2. Ranch - because you always need ranch.
3. Yogurt Ranch - for the nights I feel like being healthy.
4. Caesar - because I really love caesar salads.
5. Sesame Ginger - this is for when I eat tuna on salads. It's so good!
6. Spicy Ranch - I throw in some more cayenne pepper. Spicyyy.
7. Raspberry Vinaigrette - my go to vinaigrette before I found the mango one.

8. Italian - I went through a weird phase. I don't really like it.
9. Red Wine Vinaigrette - Probably because it had red wine in it? I'm not really sure. 

Why does one person need that many salad dressings? I better make sure Duck Dude has enough space in his refrigerator when I move in in less than 6 months!!!!!
For the record, Duck Dude ate the mango one with me. 

For the second record, if any of these companies want to compensate me for this post, I will not stop you. The end. 


  1. LOL I am the same way!! I just tried the Blue Cheese Vinegarette & the Greek Vinegarette from Marie's - the mango chipotle sounds delish and like something my BF would use!

    1. ohhh a blue cheese vinaigrette sounds awesome!! I will have to look for that one next!!!