Friday, September 26, 2014


Melvin is our crossing guard and he is really great,
he blows his whistle, stops the cars, and keeps all our kids safe.
He smiles and waves to me every morning I drive by,
And now that he is moving on, it makes me want to cry. 
He's out there in the blistering heat, torrential rain, and random Texas snow,
He helps the kids, he helps the busses, and the overall traffic flow.
Sometimes he lets me turn left, even when the sign says "do not",
I appreciate the work he does, a lot, a lot, a lot. 
Today is his last day, and I am sad to say goodbye,
He's truly been a rockstar, and now you all know why!

My classes made cards for Melvin and some of my athletes gave them to him yesterday afternoon. He said, "You guys are trying to get me all mushy!" Then he told my girls, "Education always comes first, stay away from those boys."  Excellent advice, Melvin. We will definitely miss you!

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