Thursday, September 18, 2014

Points to Gryffindor

I'm handing out Gryffindor points today, because I deemed myself worthy enough to do that. 

25 points to anyone who did not just have to google "gryffindor" to know what I am talking about. 

100 points to my fellow coach who brought me a sonic Diet Coke today right when I needed it. I was about to burst and it was so refreshing. (not sure why I capitalize diet coke, because it's that important in m life?) (sorry to those of you who do not have sonic, come to Texas)

50 points to the weather. It cooperated for my outside activity yesterday. Now if it will cooperate for engagement pictures on Sunday, I will assign it 50 more points. 

124 points to myself for going shopping on a random Thursday night, because I was upset, and took it out on my bank account. 

15 points to the new Chinese food place I ordered take out from on Tuesday night. Your overwhelming portion size has let me be able to eat Chinese all week. #weddingdiet

30 points to my sister Laura Pocket who wants to go get her nails done with me on Saturday before engagement pictures. It's always more comfortable to talk to her, rather than the nail ladies. 

-100 points to Slytherin, or the mom, who blindsided me and made me 20 minutes late to my hair appointment. 

30 points to the Man BFF for quoting Iggy Azalea lyrics with me even when he is in Africa.

30 points to the fiance who sends me rhymes about game day because he knows I'll need it. 

10 points to my cousins. We're the 10 best cousins there ever was.

25 points to long sleeved tshirts... I am happy to see you again.

1000 points to Friday. If I award it that many points, does it come quicker??


  1. Additional 50 points of comfy sweaters to lounge all day in (crappy) fall weather!

  2. I'll throw in another 100 points if Friday comes sooner!