Friday, September 19, 2014

Game Day Attire

I meant to do this post when college football was starting, but since that was 4 weeks ago, I figured today would be perfect! This Saturday we plan on watching football all. day. long. For some of you, that might not sound too fun...... for me, it is heaven. 

We have also purchased our tickets for an Aggie game and a Baylor game!! So we are going to talk a little game day apparel. I'm not really a fan of dresses for the games... Let's face it, I'm just not ladylike enough to wear a dress at a football game. But, I'll admit... there are times when I dress up a bit. It's Baylor, the girls used to be required to wear skirts to games.... and now that A&M is in the SEC.. they're getting used to this you dress up for games too! 

Here are some of my favorite looks for an Aggie game day and a Baylor game day!!




Happy Friday to all, and to all a goooood weekend!!!!

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