Monday, September 29, 2014

Recap Time!

This weekend was fun! Or as much fun as it could be without Duck Dude... he's missing some great festivities, so I am going to try and not brag too much. 

Friday night I did absolutely nothing, but watch The Fault in Our Stars and then I cried myself to sleep. I mean, not really, but I did cry during the movie and that's saying something. I do have a heart!! Just kidding, my mom tells me I have a heart all the time...

Then, Koal and I had a lazy Saturday morning. I did some fall shopping and was overall disappointed by the lack of things I bought. But I was able to buy dish towels and replace the Christmas ones that have been hanging on the oven since..... well, Christmas. Duck Dude says he likes them, so now he will only have to miss them for like a month and a half... because I like to decorate for Christmas around November 15th. Then, I tried my hand at floral arrangements... and it's good, but I think I will still have a professional do it for my wedding. 

Then I got to go celebrate a friend's birthday! She loves elephants and has one of my favorite tattoos ever of an elephant. So, I got her a pretty elephant. Then while I was fall shopping, I found this elephant bag, and I was realllly excited about it. So, I told her there was a theme. Of elephants.

Sunday, I got to celebrate a friends engagement. It's the first time a friend has gotten engaged since I got engaged... and it was a totally different feeling. I was SO excited for them, because I now know exactly what she is feeling! It was so fun to celebrate them and I am SO excited we get to do the whole wedding planning thing together!!! 

Now it's Monday, and I'm ready to tackle this week. The sooner this week is over, the sooner Duck Dude is back in the United States of America!! 

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