Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Lobster Daves

On to our Wednesday activities in Jamaica!  This day was really cool, mainly because it was not an excursion. We took a taxi into town to go to the straw market, a digital casino, and to find my FIL some local conch ceviche.

Our taxi driver's name was Winter. He took us to the straw market with one comment, "They're pretty pushy." This immediately made me nervous since I don't really like the whole barter/bargaining thing anyway. Duck Dude lives for it. They say $50 and he says something like "how about $10?" and I have to do everything in my power to not let my jaw physically drop. However, I didn't buy anything without him. Every person you passed was, "Pretty face, come take a look into my shop." or "I made it all my own" even though it looks exactly like the stuff the person next to them has. We left with a hand carved vase, a hand carved mask to add to our wall, and us 3 girls all got sandals that look similar to this image I just pulled off google. 

Next we were off to the casino. We walked about 4 blocks to get there. Gambling is a relatively new thing on the island, so it is all digital. We played digital roulette where we could place quarter bets! I played on my first 20 dollars for almost the whole time. They have a person who helps you and when Duck Dude was up $100 she almost demanded he stop and put that money in his pocket. We had a lot of fun!

Then Winter, our driver, took us to the local fisherman market to find some conch ceviche. Everyone we had asked about it had no idea what we were talking about. We show up to "Lobster Daves" which was a little place on top of a natural spring creek. This little area is made up of a lot of different restaurants/shacks. We got 2 grilled shrimp and 2 conch ceviche and waited as they cooked them on tire rims with a metal grate over them. No, for real. While we waited we probably got high off of all the second hand weed we smelled and saw. We were also there while the USA was playing Jamaica in soccer and Jamaica was winning. We had to talk Naked Nick out of yelling "U-S-A!!!!"  Before we knew it, Glen was in the "kitchen" helping the cook!

When we got our food it looked great! We took one bite and our mouths were on FIRE! This is the spiciest shrimp and conch I have ever eaten in my life!!! Thank goodness for the fried bammy and roll thing that was there. It was good, but you couldn't really taste anything other than the spices. 

It was an experience for sure!! I had the best time!!


  1. You two are certainly enjoying married life!! Those shrimp look so good, but I'm not a huge fan when the spice completely overwhelms the taste of the food.

    1. I know! He said it was jalapeno powder... but we eat a lot of jalapenos in Texas and I've never tasted anything like that!!