Monday, July 13, 2015

Birthday Week!

My birthday is in the smack dab middle of this week! On Wednesday, I turn 27. 

Since the All-Star break is always during my birthday, we changed it up a little this year. We had not been to a Rangers game yet, so we gathered up some awesome friends and went to the game on Saturday night!! We had a magnificent time even though the Rangers lost it in the top of the 9th! 

My dad was not working, but managed to get us on TV anyway. I know the drill for being on TV. It basically boils down to not picking your nose in between innings... that's when you will be on TV. I wasn't picking my nose.... however, I was having a serious conversation about a student with my coworker! Ha, we reallllly were having a good time! I promise!! 

THEN, there were two streakers with clothes on!!!! We all debated what that person was called. A "runner" seemed too boring... but technically they weren't streakers.. because they were fully clothed. One did give a little smack to Hamilton's hiney.

We ended the weekend with the family softball game. Sister Laura and I are excellent snackers and cheerleaders in our almost matching Raybans. 

Tomorrow I have a fantastic recipe for y'all! One you definitely have to try! 

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