Thursday, July 2, 2015

American Flag Centerpiece

It's basically the weekend of my favorite holiday!!!! 

And I am SO excited to share this centerpiece with y'all!!! I have created a fall centerpiece and a winter centerpiece... but not one for my favorite holiday?!?! That's absurd!!

 It started with pinterest and this pretty picture right here. From this blog right here.

And I thought to myself... Self, I can do that!! I got some mason jars (Hobby Lobby sells single jars for future reference!) And some paint!

I chose to paint the jars with acrylic paint.. even though my first inclination was to spray paint. I think both would work. Paint one blue and two white. The blue jar took about 4-5 coats, while the white jars took only two. 

 Then, I used washi tape to make my stripes. This is where the measuring marks on the mason jars come in handy! I used the marks to make sure my lines were straight! It took a couple times to get it how I wanted!

Paint 'em red!!! Pull the tape off and do a couple touch ups where the red might have seeped through!
I have always love drawing stars. It's my go to doodle. So I hand painted the stars on my blue jar with a fine tip paint brush. The blog I was reading off of, attached a foam star to the end of a wine cork and used it like a stamp! I like how each star looks a little different.. to each their own!

Then I went to my favorite Dollar Tree and got red and blue silverware and a balloon weight. With the help of my husband, we hammered off some of the weight so it fit perfectly in the stars mason jar! I added some of my other patriotic gear and my table is July 4th ready!!! 

Find the navy table runner here.
And the patriotic flag banner here

And now, it's my other favorite July activity... I'm off to lay by the pool!!! Enjoy!


  1. Oh my gosh, this looks so good! I love seeing pins and thinking that I could actually do it myself. I really want to try this :)

    1. You should absolutely try it!!! The best thing about acrylic paint is it dries fast and it's easy to cover up! You can fix mistakes as you go!! Go for it!