Thursday, July 16, 2015

Birthday Shenanigans

This week has been full of birthday shenanigans! 

I have definitely done some birthday shopping thanks to money and giftcards I have already received! I found my favorite Nike phantom shorts on sale at Academy! And I got some new tennis shoes! I've never had pink tennis shoes, always blue or green, but I went for it and I like them so far!!!

Tuesday night was sushi night. Y'all know about sushi nights. Well in our "sushi family", my "sister" is also born on July 15th! Melanie, my college roommate, decorated with picture frames of us that I got to take home with me!! She also tucked her napkin in because... who wants to grow up, really? The owner, Young, surprised us with a cake and pretty much the entire restaurant sang to us. THEN, we got to use the SAMURAI sword to cut our cake. Jen told me I had to lead the cutting because I was a pro because I did it at my wedding. We laughed so hard all night long!

 Yesterday, I spent 5.5 hours in the pool and loved every second of it. Jerry Ray and Ms. Betty's house is my happy place. We ate some delicious fajitas and some to die for shrimp. I opened some presents from my mom which included, my favorite blueberry coffee, a vegetable grilling tray wrapped in spider-man paper, an awesome crocheted vest, and a shadow box with a promise. She made this little shadow box and promised once it got a little cooler, we would go camping!!! We were supposed to go in May, but then it rained and rained and rained some more and we cancelled our trip. 

And now, today, it's laundry, packing, and getting ready for Jamaica!!! Of course this is after I eat my toasted gluten free cinnamon muffin and blueberry coffee. Thanks mom.

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