Monday, July 27, 2015

We Are Home!

We made it back home!  And I will say it was nice to come home to an already set up home! Last time we were coming home from the honeymoon and there was still so much to do.

This time, it's the normal post vacation things. I'm on my third load of laundry and have piles of clean laundry covering the living room. I'm editing pictures. Duck Dude is putting the suitcases back up in the attic. We're catching up on DVR'd TV. And preparing for the Bachelorette finale tonight, where we will be ordering pizza for dinner!! 

Caroline said her week was crazy and the first thing she said to me was, "I didn't blog once." Her family that she nanny's for had a medical emergency and she ended up spending nights over there with the kids, plus working church camp, plus her job at the fields. I said, I get it! Blogging is definitely hard sometimes! But maybe look for some guest posts from her in the future! 

In our family this is how we start our stories, "So, I got on the plane... and...." Meaning, we love details! We want to know every single story that happened! That would take me forever to write! :) I will say we missed our other family, the Longs! Sometimes it was weird to say "6" instead of "12" at dinner. 

Here were the basic details of our trip. We went to Jamaica and flew into the Montego Bay airport. We stayed at The Jewel: Dunn's River Fall Resort in Ocho Rios. That meant we had an hour and a half bus ride to the resort from the airport, but it also meant we only had a 8-10 minute drive to all of our excursions! We were there Sunday to Sunday. Monday we had a pool recovery day. Tuesday we did the Dunn's River Falls excursion. Wednesday we took a taxi to downtown Ocho Rios and ended up at a local fish market. Thursday we did the Mystic Mountain excursion. Friday and Saturday were both pool days! 

I will go further into detail on each excursion later in the week. Jamaica was family time, old story time, meeting new friends time, tanning time, and a whole bunch of new memories time!! 

For now, I think I just heard the laundry machine stop! Time to add to my clean piles!

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