Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Dunn's River Falls

I've got to start this post with saying...my sister and bro in law are back in the USA!!!!!!!! They are driving to Dallas today, but she started this morning with a text that said, "I love waking up and being able to text y'all." And I definitely agree. I thank you all so much for all of the prayers. Y'all are the best of the best. I cannot wait to see them!
On to the real stuff!! 

Dunn's River Falls was our first excursion of the trip! It consisted of three things. We started on a catamaran and sailed out to a snorkeling spot! We got our stuff on.. including the really attractive ring around your mid section. We jumped in amidst the myriad of people who have never been snorkeling before and were trying to get back on the boat because they cannot swim.... and got as far away from them as possible. :) There were tons of little jellyfish around that somehow didn't sting you, but I definitely was not a fan. We saw some cool fish and then got back on the boat!

We got on the boat and headed to Dunn's River Falls. This is a natural waterfall in Jamaica that you can hike up! The water is colllld.. but you eventually get a little used to it! I actually thought it wouldn't be a bad team building idea because you hold hands and help each other through the entire falls. So uhh, if I can get my school district to pay for a flight to Jamaica, hotels, and a trip to the falls that would be great!!! HA! We got about half way through and I thought it was over. I was like oh my gosh that was so much fun!! And then I saw another vertical climb in front of me! It's safe to say the next day our calves were sore, but we did it!!!

We got back on the boat and that's when the party started!!! Papa Smurf/Monopoly Man/Santa Claus/Glen got called every name under the sun as we headed to Margaritaville!! Sister Laura and I were wearing our "Boat Hair, Don't Care" tanks I found and knew we had to have... it was definitely applicable after all the snorkeling and waterfalling. We ate a cheeseburger in paradise, Naked Nick played a ridiculous game, and balloons on our heads were involved!! :) 

It was the best ending to the excursion! And only reinforced one thing: I have the best family ever!

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