Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Pimp My Crib

Having a husband means I have a "honey do" list! 

And I am extremely grateful to have married such a handy man. He can eyeball any nail placement in the direct center to the point where it's almost annoying. Except it's not annoying because I do not have to do it anymore! A built in handyman... and therefore we have a "honey do" list!! 

On top of our list is our very big formal living room and dining room that is all one room. It's a great big room. The problem is... there is one light in the entire room. One chandelier that goes over the dining room table. And it is an old chandelier that does not give off very much light. Because the light is covered by these glorious lampshades. So, that, was number one on our list! 

Now, I was so excited to change out the lamp, I forgot to take a picture before it was out of the wall. But here it is... in all it's.... dimness.. on the floor by our dining room table. 

It took Duck Dude my handy man about 45 seconds to take the whole thing down. And then it was time to put the new one up!  We looked at Lowe's because that's where we had gift-cards to, but the light we ended up choosing was not on display. I eventually found it online. It fit our style and the style of our home perfectly. We both really love the industrial look... but our house is way more of a rustic style. 
Hello large hole in the ceiling!
The most difficult part of the process was connecting the wires while holding the long support board close enough to the ceiling. Duck Dude said, "Just hold it above your head... a little higher." It took all of 4 minutes 45 seconds for my arms to be shaking and for Duck Dude to see my lack of upper body strength. No worries though, I problem solved. I stood slightly on my tip-toes and rested the entire board on my head. Unfortunately we were the only two people at the house, so there is no picture of this.... but I will give you a second to visualize. 

Once we got the main board screwed in, it was relatively easy! Take off packaging. Adjust the length of the lights. Clean the glass. Screw the lightbulbs into place! Then the major test. Turning the breaker back on and hoping we have light.....

And we did!!!! And it lights up the entire downstairs!! And it's so pretty!!!! We stood and admired it for a minimum of 10 minutes. And it's now the first thing we show anyone when they come over. 

Then I took my handy man out for snow cones to celebrate. And Koal even got one too... ice flavored.. and she loved it!!!

And there is our first edition of honey-dos "Pimp My Crib".


  1. Those lights are gorgeous! Luckily you to have a handyman living with you. Thomas already has a list from me since we're moving into his grandma's house and redecorating. Bless these mens that put up with our "honey-dos".

    1. It's so exciting to make it "our" home together!! We've enjoyed doing home things together! I am positive you will too!!