Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Ahi Tuna Kabobs

One of the things I registered for was a grilling cookbook from Crate and Barrel.  It was definitely more on the expensive side and I did not think we would get it, but I was ecstatic when we did!
We have finally gotten around to trying our first recipe from it and it was a Todd Frazier homerun!!!! (see what I did there?!) I will admit my husband did not seem super excited when I told him about the recipe, salad and fish.. hooray. But while he was eating it he proclaimed about 7 times, "This. Is. SOOO. Good!!!"

The original recipe is titled "Tuna and Red Onion Spiedini"... I was like, uhh Houdini tuna? But luckily, I glanced over the recipe and realized it was basicaly kabobs! I added a few of my own ingredients.. garlic and bell peppers.. and had so much fun using the new metal skewers I bought. You could use wooden skewers, just soak them in water for 30 minutes prior to putting them on the grill. 

Have fun with this fantastic summer recipe!

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