Friday, July 3, 2015

4th of July Treats!!

It's July 3rd, which now means TWO things in my life! 

First thing, it was on this date two years ago that I first told Duck Dude I loved him!!! I also just so happened to buy my wedding dress on July 3rd of last year! So, it is definitely a good day!

Second thing, it means my favorite holiday is tomorrow!!!!!!!! And I can run around like Annie singing tomorrowww, tomorrowww, it's only a day away!!!!!

I am headed to the grocery story in a little bit to get all the ingredients I need to start preparing my 4th of July treats!!! I love making treats in red, white, and blue! And there are some really simple ones out there!! Don't get overwhelmed by the perfect Pinterest pictures! You can do it!! 

These first two are the two that I will be making for our party tomorrow. Then there are a couple others that I have made in the past/look easy enough I wanted to share! 

Patriotic Cake Balls - Use a strawberry cake mix and add red food coloring

Flag Fruit Dessert - easy and delicious

Flag Fruit Pizza - a family favorite of ours

Patriotic Cupcakes - if you've never layered cupcake batter, it's very easy!

Firecracker Popcorn - my mouth watered just looking at it!

Spangled Sandwich Pop - There is no link on this onen because it's that easy!! Take an ice cream sandwich and dip the ice cream sides in sprinkles! Boom! Your kids... or your adult kids (husbands) are sure to love them!!! 

See? Easy, delicious, fun patriotic treats!!!

Have a safe, fun, and firework filled FOURTH!!!

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