Friday, July 17, 2015

El Salvador Update 3

Happy Friday!!! 
Here's what I am grateful this Friday. 
When you have a large family? There's a lot of people in it. 
When you marry into a large family? There's a lot of people in it. 
When you have family friends that are pure gold? That's a lot of people you can count on. 
When you have friends you know are there for you? That's a lot of people you can count on. 
My family has been relying on all of these people as prayer warriors for the past week, and we couldn't imagine doing it without them. 

Quick catch up: My sister and brother in law are in El Salvador and have been for 8 1/2 weeks. I wrote updates here and here. One of the biggest prayer requests we have had has been about the mosquitos. 

Saturday night we got a text from my sister saying Ben had a rash. This is the first symptom of the Chikungunya mosquito disease. Sunday she informed us he had a fever and would be going to the doctor on Monday. This specific disease attacks the joints and feels similar to arthritis. Hannah informed us that he had a little joint discomfort. He described it as it felt like he needed to pop his wrists and ankles. 

Monday he went to the doctor and received a steroid shot and pills to take twice every day. He also got cough syrup for a bad cough he has. He said the steroid shot worked wonders. 

We've been getting updates every night around 10:30 from Hannah. That's definitely been the hardest part for me.. the waiting. We've then been passing on the updates to alllll of our prayer warriors. The update we got last night was this: "No pain or issues with the Chikungunya, just the ugly rash still. His cough is giving him more trouble." 

They celebrated their 3rd anniversary on July 14th and drank this "cream soda" El Salvadorian Classic. 

I am beyond grateful that Ben doesn't feel as bad as he could. I am grateful for all of the people who have offered up prayers for them this week. Our biggest prayer request right now is that Hannah can make it the last week and a half without getting the disease.  We cannot wait to have them home on the 27th!! 


This will be my last post for a week! Sunday we head to Jamaica for a week!!! BUT I have good news! My blonde sister has been toying with the idea of starting a blog!! So I am going to let her take over next week to get a little feel for what it's like to blog!! I hope you enjoy her while I enjoy the beach!!!

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