Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Chicken Mango Quesadillas

I am back! Blogging is so much easier when you are on a schedule!! Yesterday my schedule was high school volleyball tryouts. It's my schedule today too.. but I got responsible and blogged last night. (which is difficult to type in the future tense, fyi.)

What's not difficult to type about is the easiest quesadillas ever. As I typed that I thought to myself, it's technically not the easiest.. just cheese would be easiest.. so I will rephrase my statement to the BEST adult quesadillas ever! 

Chicken, Mango, Avocado, Pico, and CHEESE. Last night was a night where I was tired and wanted something easy. If you've figured out, I do not like to compromise good food for easy. I knew we had tortillas left over. Duck Dude checked and we had a perfect 4. I still had not been to the store since Jamaica, yikes, so I went to get the essentials! There is this grilled fajita chicken that you heat up in the skillet that makes life real easy. I could not find my mango pico de gallo, so I had to make my own. And my love for avocados has gone no where. 6 ingredient quesadillas. Yum. 

I called in my professional flipper and he got busy spraying the tortillas with butter so they would be the perfect crispyness on the outside. He flipped them 2-3 times and then we used a pizza cutter to slice 'em up! 

I know you can put anything in quesadillas, but have you ever tried mango? 
They were so good I did not even eat chips. I ate the quesadilla and salsa and am excited we have leftovers. Even if I have to fight Duck Dude for them.

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