Thursday, August 6, 2015

Big Girl Job

My little bit.. My tinker toy.. My blonde... got a big girl J-O-B!!!!!!!!

She has accepted a "Sound Board Operator/Producer" position with ESPN Central Texas radio!! She had the best time interning with David Smoak and Craig Smoak while she was at Baylor and I know they will treat her well as a big girl! During the radio shows she will have a microphone in front of her while running the sound board.. she will also be filming/producing videos for their website!!!

 The worst/best part of the entire thing... she has to be down there on August 16th!!!! So my time with her back in Dallas was short lived... she is heading back to the Wack!!! Bad news: she not sure where she is going to live yet! Good news: wherever she ends up, you can guarantee I will make an appearance!!!

She is excited to be beginning a job in the industry that she wants to stay in! For a while she considered going into PR.. but she wants to be a sports broadcaster and I am so glad she's getting to start in radio!! She said she is most looking forward to "being back in Waco with a community and college athletic program that I am obsessed with. I'll also be producing Cowboy games and other NFL games so it's going to be a treat to be paid to listen to football."

I am so proud of her for taking the first step in reaching her dreams!! One day I know she will look back and say I took this job because it was one step in the right direction. I cannot wait to see where it takes her!! Keep reaching little bit... you are going to do magnificent things!!!!

And if you're ever driving through Waco, tune into AM 1660!!!

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