Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Pot of Italian Wonder

It's the first week of school... so I, obviously, decided to try out three brand new recipes this week. I found them on Pinterest, duh. I went searching for easy, quick recipes that I knew I could make after a 12 hour day at school. 

The first one was a raging success. It's called the Italian Wonderpot and it did just that. Travis' uncle ended up being at our house for dinner which was perfect because we had more than enough food. Find the recipe here... I followed it exactly for this first time.. however, you could definitely add many more ingredients.

The best thing about this recipe? There's no boiling the noodles first and then combining everything. You literally put it all in the pot.. turn the heat on and let it cook! I doubled the onion and tripled the amount of red crushed pepper so it had a nice little spice to it! 

When I do it again.. I could see myself adding mushrooms, ground turkey or chicken or sausage, definitely more spinach, and squash or zucchini. I feel like it's one of those get rid of a lot of things in your pantry recipe!!

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