Monday, August 24, 2015

180 Days

Thanks for being patient as I began my school year last week. It was a little bit of a rough week for me and the last thing that was on my mind was the blog. Sometimes life happens and that's ok. 

Today, I greet my 98 math students. 98 different life stories. 98 souls I can touch. 98 personalities I get to do my best to figure out. 98 confidences I can shatter or build up with my words. 

Then there's athletics. 115 7th grade athletes. 65 8th grade athletes. That many more stories, personalities, and confidences. 

I love the beginning of the school year because it's a fresh start. These students get to decide who they want to be this year and what they want to accomplish. I am continuously praying for them. I hope they see me as someone they can trust, someone who is on their side, someone who they can come to. I do so much more than teach them how to find the unit rate. I spend a lot of time making sure they can multiply and divide fractions; but I spend the entire year trying to show them how to advocate for themselves. 

I didn't sleep last night (I technically wrote this on Sunday.. but I already know this part can be included.. it happens every year), because I was so anxious to meet them. I know from today on I have 180 instructional days to teach them things like how to find the surface area of a triangular prism. But I also know I have 180 days to make a difference. 
"We raise our white flag. We surrender,
all to you, all for you.
We raise our white flag. The war is over.
Love has come, your love has won."
Bring on the 15-16 school year. As a "Mrs.", of course! 

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