Monday, August 31, 2015

1 Week Down

Well, one week is down. And now starts another Monday. Here’s a glimpse of the lovelies that I have been praying for since August 1st:

- My student whose parents are going through a divorce because the dad just came out that he was gay.
 My student whose mom was just sentenced to 6 ½ years of prison and she now lives with her 80 year old grandmother and 18 month old baby sister.
- My student who has a 24 year old mother. Luckily, my student is infinitely more times responsible than her mom. I love her.
- My student who I found out on Friday is a serious hot head. He can flip a switch and almost fight two different people on the way of me escorting him out in the hallway.
- My student who spent most of the year at alternative school. He hated his math teacher last year, which has translated into him already hating me. We had a talk where I straight up told him, “I am on your side.” His only response was, “I don’t like school.”
- My precious little new student who refuses to write. His handwriting looks like a 1st grader.. so he simply doesn’t write.

I am excited for the school year though. I love the challenges these students represent and I know there are more stories than the ones I have listed above.

I had a very relaxing with me and Koal girl. We worked on inputting parent emails, did a little shopping before a giftcard expired, and meal planned for this crazy week coming up. Then Saturday night was a thrilling night of watching Mulan and eating grits on the couch.   It was as glorious as it sounds.

And as Li was singing “I’ll make a man out of you,” I couldn’t help but think about  my boys  who got in the fight. Get ready boys. I’m gonna teach you math. And respect. 

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