Monday, March 2, 2015

Trollie Wedding Week

It's Trollie Wedding Week!!!!!!! And it's probably gonna be all that is mentioned around here for this week. Don't be surprised! :) We had an extremely productive weekend, through in a little wedding fun for our friends Tommy and Michelle, and then went right back to being productive!

But first, there was a snow day. A real, snow day. We did get out of school early on Friday and we took full advantage of the very real three inches of snow we got! It took me an hour and a half to drive home the normal 25 minutes. My car, merlot pearl, did an excellent job cruising over 3 icy overpasses, passing a car that had run into a tree, and keeping my windshield ice free... so I cheers'd her with merlot when I made it to Duck Dudes. Then I took pretty pictures of our totally untouched, beautiful home.

Because once Duck Dude made it home from his work trip, we went out and we played! We completely reverted into little kids. We bundled up, threw snowballs at Koal and each other, got on the Ranger and cruised around the neighborhood, got into a snowball fight with some little kids (and their dads), and went sledding on wake boards down a hill. 

 Then Saturday we got to work! Duck Dude's parents braved the roads and made it over to our house to help us begin unpacking all of our wonderful gifts. I am so happy to say everything is in the cabinets, in a closet, on the bed, or stored where we want it! Annnnd Duck Dude cleaned out his closet for me!!! I said, "Ready or not, here I come!!!" Luckily, he has a very decent sized closet for all of my treasures! 

Sunday, we cleaned. And continued to unpack. And continued to work on wedding details.... like the guestbook. We are going with one of these three and have a pretty good idea of which one we're doing, but you'll have to wait until the wedding to find out which one! I can't give away all of the details!! :)

Whew. If you made it to this point, you're a champion! Enjoy your Monday. I have two days left of school this week. Wow!!

Countdown to Trollie Wedding:
5 Days or 126 hours or 7,560 minutes

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