Thursday, March 26, 2015

Lightening Storm

Last night we celebrated my fantastic Sal Pal's 30th birthday!!!! We surprised her at Dave and Buster's and just had a marvelous time playing games, winning tickets, and celebrating that 30 looks good on her!!! 

After we were decided to wrap it up because we are all very responsible adults and have school/jobs the next day, Duck Dude and I had about a 40 minute drive home. 

As we were driving home there was an incredible lightening storm that totally captivated me. It was beautiful and totally distracting as I was trying to drive. Storms have always fascinated me. I love them. My parents taught us to love them. If a storm was rolling in, we were on the back porch watching it. Then as we were on the back porch, we listened to my mom share stories of listening to the rain hit the tin roof porch of the house she grew up in. 

When it was my sister's birthday and we were out at the lake park right by our house and a storm blew in, it was no big deal! We went back to our house and made a blanket fort to sleep in... after watching the storm roll in on our back porch.

When we were camping and it would thunder and lightening we played games and watched movies in the tent. On a family video, we are only a little older, and my dad comes in the tent and we are watching "My Fair Lady". We grew up on old movies, but that's a whole 'nother post! The rain never lasted long while camping, or that's how I remember it! 

When I was a freshman at Baylor, I was getting groceries with the girl in the light green jacket... she was from Oregon. We came out of Wal-mart and the tornado sirens started going off. She asked what they were and I told her. We made it back to the dorms just in time for them to tell us to prop our mattresses against our windows and go in the hall. The girl in the dark green jacket was calling everyone saying goodbye and she loved them....... I brought diet coke and suckers into the hall because I thought it was a party!

When I was a sophomore at Baylor, there was a hurricane coming up from the gulf, and we were supposed to get these hurricane winds and 30 inches of rain (or like 5).... we built a massive fort in our kitchen/living room/dining room. We left it up for a week. We played catch phrase in there, watched movies in there, and had a splendid time. 

So thank you wonderful lightening storm. You allowed me to be nostalgic my whole drive home!

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