Friday, March 20, 2015

Friday Letters

Just a little collection of short letters.

Dear 3 Day Week,
    I love you. I could get used to you. Coming to work on Wednesday... working hard at a track meet on Thursday.. and boom! It's Friday!!! I like it quite a bit. How many days until summer?
                                                                      Love, Mollie

Dear Pretty Sisters,
    Thanks for being so pretty. You make my pictures look really good. I love both of your hair. I like looking fancy with y'all. Let's have another wedding and do it again. Caroline? -- That one's up to you! Or let's get another sister tattoo...
                                                                     Love, Mollie
Dear Baylor,
    I appreciate your willingness to make sure our heads didn't get too big. Ohh, a number three seed? Let's lose to a number fourteen seed to make sure our fans don't get too excited. Let's remind them of exactly how it felt during football season. We apparently do much better in the NIT.
                                                                       Love, Mollie

Dear Baylor (again),
    Don't worry. I still love you. Don't believe me? I think this is pretty good proof.
                                                                     Love, Mollie 

Dear Iowa State,
    Thank you so much for also losing to a number fourteen seed. It made our misery only slightly better. Way to represent the Big 12! We are so proud.
                                                                      Love, Mollie

Dear Rachel,
    Thank you for actually picking Baylor to win everything and naming your bracket "The World as it should be" ..... I am really sorry that didn't work out for you. Thanks for playing anyways. #baylorproud
                                                                     Love, Mollie

Dear Wofford/Purdue/LSU,
   I am a little upset you all three decided to lose by a combined 5 points. If you three would have won, my bracket would be looking a lot better than it is right now. Wofford, I believed in you. LSU, you were up by 10!! (granted, so was Baylor).. and Purdue.. you lose in overtime?! March Madness.
                                                                     Love, Mollie

Dear Sister Laura Pocket,
  I am very glad that you were born tomorrow a couple years ago!!! I cannot wait to celebrate with you this weekend!!!! Let's win some money and go back to St. Lucia!!!! I love you!!
                                                                    Love, Mollie

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