Friday, March 27, 2015

Mini Crisis - Not Teasing

Y'all, we have a serious problem here. This is not a joke. So serious, I'm calling it a mini crisis.

I've lost something. Something near and dear to me. Something I use at least three times a week. Something that traveled with me to my three houses during the months leading up to the wedding. Something that when my friends asked if it was being packed for the honeymoon I said, duh!!! My favorite beauty product.

My teasing brush.

People have been saying things like, "Mollie, is that you?".... Strangers have said, "Oh, are you from Iowa? No? I thought so, because your hair is so flat." My students are like, "Ms. Sheridan? I didn't know you shrunk when you got married."

I've felt less connected to God.... because, well, my hair is just not as close to him anymore.

I've looked up new brushes on Ulta's website, but it just didn't feel right. None of them jumped out at me. I didn't hear any of them calling to be a part of my hair's life.

This is the "moonlight teasing brush"... but I need by brush to work in the daylight too. Not just the moonlight. Next.

This is the "amped up teasing brush".... but can you really amp me up? Will you amp me up like my last one amped me up? I'm just not sure. It's not you... it's me.

So, I'm basically lost right now. I think I will move on eventually... but right now, I'm grieving. It's a natural process, but a hard one.

Not teasing. 

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