Monday, March 30, 2015

Celina Crawfish Festival

In the words of my newest sister... "Maybe we should be festival people!!"

On Saturday, we went to the Celina crawfish festival. Celina is a small Texas town of 6, 744... but last year, my sister and brother in law found this little festival and told us we had to attend. There was music, drinks, old cars, and a whole lotta sunshine!! It was the most perfect March Saturday ever... well, the 2nd most perfect March Saturday ever.

There were a ton of old cars that I could tell you nothing about besides, I really like the color of that blue truck. It's so prettttty.

Then they had this other truck that had a crane on it that hoisted these huge pots of crawfish from one pot into the other. After they are finished cooking, they move them to the third pot where they use a little gate to put them into the coolers. Then they carry the coolers over to the serving line, ready to get a nice plate of crawfish, potatoes, and corn. You throw a dash of spicy cajun seasoning on there and dig in! 

 And dig in we did!!! I love the messiness of crawfish! It makes it feel like it's almost summer! (Which is 68 days if anyone is wondering)

And crawfish is always better with family. Always.

And now, my Monday is not as bad, because I just got to relive my wonderful Saturday! Maybe that's why we recap on Mondays!

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