Monday, March 23, 2015

Meal Planning for Two

I am currently adjusting to meal planning for two. 

It's a little different thinking about two people's schedules during the week rather than just mine. I had to actually say, "Hey babe, how many nights are you going to be home this week?"..... aka. How many meals do I need to have prepared for the week? 

Do I plan exact meals for exact nights or just have meals ready and decide that day or night what we want for dinner? Does anyone do a meal calendar? Is that a silly thing to even say? Will it make me less crazy if I plan out a week ahead? I don't want to reuse the same 10 recipes all the time.. I want to make sure we are trying new things!

Are we going to have a specific day we go to the grocery store? Or do we just fit it in whenever we can? I have to figure out what "snacks" Duck Dude likes to keep in the house, what "snacks" he will adjust to eating of mine (like popped rice crisps instead of Doritos), and how often I need to restock his supply of peanut M&Ms!!

Our schedules are crazy right now. We are in a very busy part of our year... if I'm planning everything correctly, I only need to cook a meal tomorrow night. 

Monday - Hamburgers with Jim and P
Wednesday - Birthday Party
Thursday - Track Meet (Duck Dude is on his own!)
Friday - Dinner with the Martins
Saturday - Celina Crawfish Boil

So, basically I'm killin' it in the wife department right now.. but I am open to all suggestions of how you other wife pros do it! 

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