Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Marriage Advice

Today is my last day of school with my lovelies. They have promised me there will be no shenanigans while I am gone and I believe 67% of them.They've been all about me getting married, but mainly worried about having to call me a different name. That sparked an idea yesterday. I had a couple extra minutes of class and decided to do an exit ticket. In order to get out of class, they had to give me their best {school appropriate} marriage advice. Yes, I asked 7th graders to advise me on my marriage. The results are below! I have not altered, spelling, punctuation, or anything. And, of course, my comments are in pink.
  • Invite your best students *cough, cough 6th period cough*
  • Be nice!
  • Don't let him sit on his booty all day... he should have to clean too! Spoken like a true mormon child of 8
  • Happiness calls for sacrifices.... (from his part) 
  • No matter what happens throughout the day, say "I love you" at the end of the day. 
  • Think before you do and if he is the one I wish you good luck I'm pretttttty sure he's the one, so I"ll take the good luck
  • Be nice to your in-laws Hiiiii Shop Mama! :)
  • My marriage advice for you is to pick the right husband.
  • Boys are stupid. You are the brains in the house! I feel like she's heard this before?
  • Give up some of your things so their things can fit in your life
  • Be honest
  • Don't eat too much and have bad gas. Sincerely, Kyle P.S. I have done it, its not fun I sincerely appreciate that Kyle, thank you. 
  • Don't go to bed angry (I heard that at a wedding) 
  • Don't cry during the ceremony or all of your make up will mess up :)
  • Don't ever let him get bored. Touche
  • Don't trip on your dress. I read this a lot from 5th period.. apparently I trip a lot during this class and they're worried about it. 
  • Cook food and buy food and don't burn food, which would ruin the food I don't think this kid's mother burns a lot of food..... if you know what I mean
  • Do not no any advice or how to spell
  • Try to not jump on tables at the reception P.s Congrats! ohh, I'll try... but there are no promises!
  • Always communicate! Voice your feelings and things you want to change before it builds up! Who let a 25 year old into my class? 
  • Treat it like a sleepover with your BFF! a forever sleepover?!?! I like it!!
  • Arguments make you're relationship better, so work them out you should become a life coach
  • Happy wife, happy life! Can you really argue with that?!
  • Love him a lot! :)
  • Make him buy you a new car P.S. stay protected with the new car? or are you trying to sneak in a little sexual thing because I said school appropriate.... I see right through you child!
  • Make sure you both say I do (lol) technically not horrible advice 
They're genius' I tell you!! See you in 2 weeks kiddos!

Countdown to Trollie Wedding:
                     3 days, 77.5 hours, 4,650 minutes!!!                  


  1. Those are too cute...and oh my gosh it's SO CLOSE!!!! I will be thinking about ya this weekend. Have a great day and I can not wait to see pictures!

    Thanks for linking up with us :)

    1. Thank you!!!!! I cannot believe it is here!!!!! :)

  2. These are HYSTERICAL!! What a great idea! I cannot believe you're only 3 days away!! I just requested you on Insta to hopefully see some photos this weekend :)

    1. I laughed out loud many times while reading them!!! They're just SO them! ha

  3. Okay...I am DYING to see pictures from your big day! I hope you are posting tomorrow :)

    1. As SOON as I get them back I will post them!!!! :)