Thursday, March 19, 2015

"St. Lucia - Is that in Florida?"

I'm not sure how my kids are taking the fact that I'm just switchin' up names on them in the middle of the year. I am also not sure how much they actually know about weddings or if they've ever been to one. So, when I took the first 10-15 minutes of class yesterday to talk all things wedding/honeymoon, I loved some of their questions!!!

"Where did you go on your honeymoon?"
"We went to St. Lucia!"
"Is that in Florida?"
...... after this, I put a map of St. Lucia in my little power point.. just to clarify

After I showed this picture.
"I thought you said you had a big wedding... that's not very many people!"

"Can we call you Mrs. S?"
"What? No! Sheridan is way easier than Lindstrom!!!"
"Aww man!"
"Seriously, you're that lazy?" ..... then I thought to myself, well... yeah... you are.

"What kind of food did you eat?
"Oh, good question! We ate creole chicken, creole fish, and fried plantains!"
"Yeah, that's my people kind of food!!"

"Who caught the bouquet?"
"Mm.. this bridesmaid right here!"
"Would you ever get divorced just so you could catch another bouquet?"
"Nope... I'm out of the game forever."

From one of my boys:
"Did you get a new ring for being married?"
"Well, I added the wedding band.. I have the same ring... but added this one!"
..........."Hm...... is your ring made in China?"
"I'm sure there are rings made in China!"

"What's your husband's name?"
"Oh.. ok. I saw Trollie somewhere and couldn't figure out what his name was."

"My mom went to a tropical place one time....."
"Cool! Do you know where?"
"Nope, she just left me with my grandma."
Thank you for sharing. 

As I am talking about how St. Lucia has a lot of mountains...
"So, it's topographic map would look a lot different than ours?"
"Uhhh, yes! I am sure it would!"
"Can you tell my history teacher to give me extra credit for using topographic?"
Ahaha.. they always have an angle.

 "You're really tan."
"Yup, I'm allergic to sunscreen."
"but you're like reallllly tan."

"Did you think about us?"
"Not for one single second."
"..... we appreciate the honesty."

Gotta love middle schoolers!!! 

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