Monday, March 16, 2015

Boys Smell Bad {Year 2}

This is absolutely not the post you are all going to be hoping for! :) 

There will be no honeymoon pictures, there will be no wedding pictures, as we got in around 11:30 pm last night. 

However, it's still a good post. I promise! I am doing year TWO of Boys Smell Bad!!!!! An all girls pool for March Madness! Why? 

I enjoy March Madness. 
I like it because I like filling out a bracket and jumping on bandwagons and acting like I've watched certain teams all year when in reality I've never seen a game. I like it because I can name my bracket "Mollie's Ready for Baseball" and people know I'm completely serious. I like it because it gives me an excuse to not grade papers because I "have to watch this game." 

I do not love it. 
I don't get so overly invested that I will cry when a team loses. I do not want to pay money to watch my bracket fall to pieces because I picked all the Big 12 teams to go far. I do not want to explain to people I actually did pick Duke to win because my brother in law now attends Duke seminary and he stood in the snow for standing seats only to the Duke/UNC game but I have never actually watched a Duke game this entire season.  

I created a pool for only girls on yahoo's tourney pick em. Where we can pick teams based on their colors or mascots and we can laugh when Stephen F Austin loses to Utah, but I picked them because they're from Texas. So here it is:

Pool: Boys Smell Bad
Password: cooties 

You have until March 19th at midnight to join AND fill out your bracket!!!

Do it!! And win PRIDE!

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