Thursday, December 4, 2014

Tales of Bridezilla Ed. 2

I’m still soaking in all of JT in from last night, so I’m actually not going to blog about him today. But I will say my legs might possibly be sore today from dancing last night. It was basically a dance party, and I didn’t hate it.

Today, I’m bringing you Tales of Bridezilla Ed. 2. I knew only having one bridezilla moment was a long shot.

I, not so subtly, alluded to the fact that something might have gone wrong last Thursday. But the even actually occurred on Tuesday. Two months ago, I even blogged about it!! I booked a cake testing appointment. This place was recommended to me by Duck Dude’s friend who grew up in the area we are getting married. The problem is they do not have appointments on Saturday.

So, I made an appointment for Tuesday of Thanksgiving break! I talked to a lady with a very heavy accent of some sort and I was a little worried she wasn’t understanding what my exact question was. “If I wait until Thanksgiving, is that still plenty of time to taste and order a wedding cake?” So after I repeated myself a couple times and finally felt comfortable enough that she understood. We hung up and I waited two months for the appointment.

The day before I called to verify my appointment. I called at 5:14 and I got a voicemail with their hours. They closed at 5. Shoot. Missed them by 14 minutes. My appointment was at 10 the next morning and they opened at 9. I figured I would just call at 9 to verify. I called at 9:04 and it went to voicemail. I called at 9:28 and it went to voicemail. By this time I have already picked up my mother who took a day of vacation for this and Duck Dude was following in his truck (he wasn’t staying for the flower appointment that afternoon).

I just had a bad feeling the entire time. Call me a Debbie doubter or call it intuition. I didn’t have a good feeling.

We pull up. All lights off. And a piece of paper taped to the door.

“Closed for remodeling. Will reopen Dec. 2”

Ughhhhhhh. Dec. 2nd?! That was literally an entire week from the day we were there. How could they do this?!?! How could they just close without even telling me?! I drove an hour out there for nothing. And I was mad. I was an angry elf and I wasn’t really up for anyone trying to console me at the moment. I made the appointment TWO MONTHS AGO and I was mad. And I was trying not to cry, because that would be ridiculous. And so I was just mad instead. Mad, mad, mad.

Duck Dude left a voicemail for them while I sat in the car being angry.

They called back a couple days later…………..

…. It seems that in my conversation with the lady with accent, we both got off the phone without me giving her any of my information. No phone number, no email, nothing. They had zero way of contacting me in order to tell me they were closing.

So I’m still half way mad, because while I should have been smarter than that… it’s still their job to get my info, right?! Well, that’s what I am telling myself.

And I still have no cake.

Happy Thursday. 


  1. Boo I'm sorry! I've yet to find a cake person period. I'm having issues with my venue. It's too long of story to even tell but it's seriously my only option at this point & I want to cry every time I think about it, I actually did almost cry on the phone with the events coordinator the other day but was able to hold it in but then I turned around & called my maid of honor & used every expletive I could about the place & cried & then I felt better lolol.

    1. Whaaat?! For real! That is not good!!! It has to be your special day!!! You'll make it your special day no matter what! I know you will!

  2. Breathe. You will be ok. I went with one of the most amazing expensive places in all the land for my cake, and I am fairly certain I could have done it differently. I got a simple, tasty cake, and honestly, that is all that matters. Because at the end of the day, the day is about you, him, and being happy. I am not sure where you live, but I have seen so many great places all over the country. Feel free to email me!

    1. At this point I am about ready to just go with who I want even though the delivery charge will be insane since our venue is about an hour outside of Dallas. But thank you for the reminder. You are absolutely right... it's about us and I know we will be happy no matter what the cake is!

  3. Oh no, what a horrible moment!!! Good luck with your cake. I'm not even joking, if you happen to live near a Publix, their cakes are WONDERFUL!!!

    1. I legitimately looked up their locations. Unfortunately, there are none in Texas. But if there end up being any somewhere before March 7th, I will look into it!!! :)