Monday, December 15, 2014

We Have Cake!!!

We did it!!! We have a cake and it's going to be delivered and it was SO much of a better experience than the last time we tried to have a cake!!!

But first we registered, and we rocked it. Travis was a master scanner, and I'm obviously very good at checking things off a list because all bloggers are. #embracethebasic (Which is also my new favorite hashtag in case you were wondering... because the holidays brings out the basic in all of us).

We tasted 9 different cake flavors with 8 different fillings... which is a total of 72 different combinations if you want to be a math nerd and do nine times eight. But I don't like chocolate and never have.. so I was technically down to 7 different flavors because I didn't throw marble out of the mix. Which is still a total of 56 different options. 

After we finally decided, Travis ate the rest of my cake that I didn't eat. And after he was finished with that he decided to make his own little cake and see if he was good enough to apply for the bakery. The guy told him he could maybe do cake balls. I'm not sure if he was satisfied with that answer or not. 

The cake is going to be 5 tiers! The bottom two layers will be vanilla with buttercream, the middle layer will be white chocolate with raspberry filling, and the top two layers will be mango with cream cheese. They were all absolutely delightful and the headache that was the whole cake dibacle is now checked off my list!!!


And if you're following along with #12gramstilchristmas you can stop reading. Or keep reading and look again!
13. Outside
14. Red
15. Stocking 

10 days to go! It's not too late to join in on the insta-fun!!!

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