Friday, December 19, 2014

5 on Friday: Christmas Break

I did it!!! Christmas break is here!!! Why yes, I get two weeks off, as my sushi friends so begrudgingly reminded me on Tuesday night through menacing glares!! But I earned it. Have you ever worked with 13 year olds the week before they're off for two weeks?

1. The Asian pear. I am very intrigued by this little guy. My student said, "It's not like an American pear. It's crunchy, but very good. Just peel back the skin and eat it!" My grandparents used to run a Chinese retreat center, so I texted my grandmother and asked if she had ever had one. She replied no, but she has heard they're very good. I think I will definitely try it.

2. Chocolate, on chocolate. My students apparently have not picked up on the fact that I do not like chocolate. Never have, most likely never will. Though I hear pregnancy changes some things. Most of my students typically know. My athletes always know because I always give them my chocolate chip cookie from our pre-game meals. Maybe they just think I give it to them out of the kindness of my heart? Maybe I can save it all until March and they can be wedding favors!

3.  Happy Elfin' Christmas. Hmm... that's an interesting one. Drawn by a seventh grader who is, um, repeating seventh grade. I'm not sure if she's trying to curse at me or tell me about stick figure Jesus. Tis the reason for the elfin' season.

4. My red head comes home today!!!!! And I am SO incredibly excited. My sisters and I have never been this far apart and I can't wait to just snuggle with them!!! Scoot over bro-in-law... I'm climbing in the bed!!!

5. I have my first dress fitting tomorrow. I haven't lost any weight and might have possibly gained weight since I bought it in July. But it's going to be here and it's going to be all mine. And I cannot wait to remember what it looks like.  It's something like this, I think.

6 days until Christmas. I have got to start wrapping presents.

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