Wednesday, December 17, 2014

All About That Trash

I did some packing last night. Just let that statement soak in a little bit. 

I packed all my spring clothes. They are in a suitcase ready to be taken to Duck Dude's house... since I won't need them before the wedding! Then I went through my purses and decided which ones I wanted to keep and which ones didn't need to be kept. And then I wrote a parody to All About That Bass. It was the only logical next step. I dare you to sing it out loud while you're reading. Double dog dare you. 

Yeah, it's pretty clear, I am a hoarder
Cause I've got purses purses
Like I'm supposed to 
Cause I got that shelf room in that closet space
And all the right junk in all the right places

I looked inside and found old lipstick and lip gloss
A real fro-yo gift card
And lots of pennies, pennies, a nickel too
Cause every cent I added up and it's a dollar sixty two

Yeah my momma said have shoes for every outfit
She says, "Buy them all now before you're put on a budget!!"
You know I won't be a girl who clashes really badly
So that's what I'm into and I will just be a hoarder!

Because you know I'm 
All about that trash
'Bout that trash, all treasures
I'm about that trash 
'Bout that trash, all treasures
I'm all about that trash
'Bout that trash, all treasures
I'm all about that trash,
'Bout that trash

I secretly hope it gets stuck in all of your heads. Happy hump day.


  1. Hahahah that parody!!! Sooo good!! How crazy is that that the next time you'll need your spring clothes you'll be MARRIED?!?! YAAYYYY!!!

    1. It is extremely crazy!! It is such a weird feeling! This whole moving out thing is making it seem more real than ever!!

  2. That is hilarious! I have gone through my closet to move to my hubs' house..ahem..our house, and it is insane. Down to 4 purses or so? I feel good about it...but more to be done. Can't wait to read more Wednesday posts!

    1. Oh Lord, you did way better than me... I think I threw away four!! ha And nice catch on the "our"... I haven't quite gotten that down yet either! Thanks for stopping by!