Monday, December 29, 2014

I Have Made a Grave Mistake!

Luckily, the grave mistake is not the fact that I'm moving out in 5 days and I have not started packing. The blonde and I packed alllll day Saturday. And got a whole lot accomplished... with the help of Spiderman duck tape, obviously.

I was in the "throwing out mood." Clothes I haven't worn in two years? Trash. A whole lot of random things I am going to use for DIY projects? Trash. I can recollect them when I get my permanent roommate. It ended with about 4 bags of heavy trash. We made our way to the dumpster only to encounter this. The first video is before the grave mistake, the second video is the grave mistake with slo mo because I love my iphone 6. Watch them both. You will not be disappointed.

Pre Grave Mistake

Grave Mistake

And then she yelled "ABORT!!!!!" and we wanted to run away..... but we couldn't because we were laughing way too hard. The kind of laugh where you cannot even stand up straight. So we picked up what we could and felt really bad about everything we left. 

Then we went to Dave and Busters to help relieve the pain of failed dumpster fling. Shuffleboard is always the answer. We weren't great..... but we had a great time!!! And that's all that matters!

And by this point in the day, the California cousins have arrived, we have picked them up from the airport, and we are headed to the ranch. And I am ecstatic!!!! Peace out city folk.

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