Tuesday, December 16, 2014

How To Look Homeless

Today's objective for 12 grams til Christmas was simple an #ootd. Or, outfit of the day for my family that reads this and might not necessarily be up to date on that hashtag. (I said that nicely, right?)
It's the last week of school before break and I'm not into looking cute at all... it's all about comfy and out-lasting these kiddos for three. more. wake. ups. So, I bring you. How to look like a homeless person. 
1. Layers. You're gonna need a lot of layers for this look. I'm currently wearing tights, boot cuffs, a very springy dress, denim vest, and navy cardigan. The bigger the better. The frumpier the better. Figure? What figure? Homeless people aren't concerned with their figure.  
2. 2 Color Maximum. You can only stick with a very minimum of colors. Two max. Today I have chosen brown and blue. However many shades of those colors doesn't matter. You can't see my teal blue earrings, but they're there! Shades of brown are all basically the same color, so don't worry about how many you're currently wearing. 
3. Random Object. Homeless people have random prized possessions. In this case, mine is a silver Christmas tree that I wrapped the cord around my arm. And it's only slightly crooked, so that's a plus. 
And on a for real "fashion" note, the boot cuffs I am wearing are my absolute favorite. They're perfect for Texas when it's "cold" outside and 52 today. Find similar ones here, here, and here.

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