Monday, December 8, 2014


Uncrafting. It's a word I made up. At least I think I made it up... is it actually a real word? Hm, I'm only seeing it used in relation to "minecraft" and I am definitely not talking about a video game. So, uncrafting. My personal definition would be: the undoing of a craft. 
Way back when I first moved into my apartment, I attempted this little project. I had no idea how easy it would be and how much I would love it. I covered my light switch plates with scrapbook paper. It made my little place seem like home. I titled my blog post "Favorite Project Ever".

So, Saturday night when I couldn't sit still while watching the Baylor game, I put boring, plain covers back on my light switches. And I was a tiny bit sad. My apartment is really starting to feel empty. I've taken most things off of the walls and now I have white light switches. Isn't it funny how a thing as simple as a light switch could mean a lot to me? 

Once I finished un-crafting, I had to do a little bit of re-crafting. These scrapbooked canvas' have also been on my wall since I moved in. They needed an update. 

I free-handed some letters, made an "established 2015" because that's the year I am getting married in!!!! Did some repainting over the scrapbook paper, and mod-podged everything back on! 

A simple project to keep my hands busy while watching the Baylor Bears win the Big 12 Championship for a second year in a row!!!!!!

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