Friday, December 5, 2014

Baylor > TCU

This theory is simple. Baylor should be above TCU in all of the college football polls. You will not change my mind. Do not even try. Here are four reasons Baylor should be in the top 4. 

1. We have scored more points than TCU has. My beautiful red head spent her lunch break one day creating this. We are clearly the more dynamic team!! The whole "schedule" thing only matters for the teams they want it to. 

2. At approximately, 10 pm on Saturday... we WILL be Big 12 Champs!!!! Because the song does not sing "We are the CO-champions, my friend"...... I was at the game last year, and we will do it again this year!!! People do not understand we have fought against doubt for a long time. People doubting us only gives us more fuel. Fuel, to win!!! And Big 12 Champions should be in the playoffs.

3. Because Whataburger says so. And in Texas, everything revolves around Whataburger. 

4. And last, but most certainly not least..... WE BEAT TCU!!!!!!!!!!!! 61-58 people. You don't have to like it... but it happened and you cannot change it.

Sic 'em Bears!!!!!

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