Friday, December 26, 2014

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone!!! I hope everyone just had the most marvelous Christmas days! 

My last Christmas as an unmarried person was fantastic! I have spent the last three days with a whole lot of family! My dad's family on Tuesday, my fiance's family on Wednesday, and my family yesterday!! 

We were visited by Santa Claus. No, for real. Santa!!!!!

And added one more to our morning of Christmas picture. Next year, I bet Duck Dude will wear his pajamas over!! 

We received more gifts than we need and feel super grateful for everything. So now, today I am figuring out what presents can go to Duck Dude's house, which one need to go to my moms, and which ones (ahem, clothes) I want with me! Then, it's off to switch my phones!! Bye bye, iphone 4.... helllllllo 6. And then, I'm picking up centerpieces!!! And then, it's movie time! Duck Dude and I have been waiting for Unbroken to come out all year! We are so excited and if Angelina did not do it justice, I will cut her.

And tomorrow, you got it.... back to packing!! And wedding planning. Am I crazy?

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