Monday, August 4, 2014

Big Bow Recap

The bachelorette party was ridiculous. So ridiculous, it's taken me a week to recap it. You put 17 really good looking girls together and it's going to be a good time. 
But first, we had to get there. 
5 girls. 5 suitcases. Decorations, games, groceries, and the kitchen sink all fit into Bridesmaid Julie's Equinox. Now that I think about it, we should have filmed ourselves and it could have been their new commercial.
But then, we couldn't get into the house until 4. We, luckily, were able to go hang out a million dollar bay house a couple doors down from George Strait. 

Then when we finally got to our cute little house for the weekend, the party started. We hung out, opened presents, and played Cards Against Humanity. Then we all went to bed and woke up so we could start our day at the beach! We had matching tanks, a pink tent, and 2 bachelor parties that set up around us (weird, huh?). We were on teams, played games, and played volleyball in the water. It was marvelous.

We, miraculously, got 17 girls showered and ready. Drank from our glittered champagne bottles, then headed out to dinner! See me in the group picture? I'm the black blob in the top right. Yup, I got more tan.

After dinner, we all put our flashing bows on and became the center of attention everywhere we went.  So much so, that a different bachelorette party decided they would start stealing our bows straight from our head. Uh huh, we weren't gonna have that. So we confronted them and they eventually left the bar because they "felt so intimidated and uncomfortable because of us." I like to think it was like the Step Up dance battle..... minus the dancing. 

Happy Monday. Make it a good day. 


  1. Where in the world was your beach house at with that wonderful pool & view???

    1. It was in Rockport.. and technically it's a view of the bay! It was absolutely stunning.

    2. Have I ever told you I live in Corpus!? I love Rockport & Port A!

    3. I knew you were somewhere close down there!! If I would have had more time, I would have stopped by!! :)

  2. Happy to see your bachelorette party. It looks really enjoyable. Few days ago, went to my best friend’s bachelorette party at one of Venues in San Francisco. Glad to see that amazing arrangements were done that really made the day enjoyable.