Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Play Like a Girl

I'm still confined to my bed, but hopefully starting an antibiotic will kick my system into gear for this weekend. 

In the meantime, it's given me a lot of time to be on my computer when my eyes are open. I'm in charge of all athletic tshirts, and volleyball is first up on our list. I wanted something awesome this season. Last years shirt was pretty plain but the color was cool, the year before was neon pink, and the year before that was purple and green. I couldn't even think of a color scheme. 

So I face timed sister Caroline and said show me your tshirts in your closet. She's in a sorority at Baylor and gets about 241 shirts per week. I figured I could get some ideas. She happily obliged me and I found one I liked. A coral shirt with white and gray writing. Cool. Now.... what to put on it. 

I was pretty sure I knew what I wanted on the back. So, I got on custom and started designing. The only coral they had was way more of a red-coral than I wanted, but that's the best I could find. 

Motivating enough, without being too cheesy. It looks like it's painted on there. I like. 

I designed a few boring fronts and decided I didn't like any of them. So, I scratched them and went to youtube for some inspiration. Searched around for a bit, and then I found it. I had seen this video before, but forgot about it. It's always "like a girl" campaign. Haven't seen it? Don't worry, here it is. 

I deal with these girls everyday. The girls who get knocked down by peers, boys, and, yes, even teachers. I have watched some of their self esteem's plummet and I've watched other's self esteem sky rocket. 

This volleyball season I want them to give it everything they have, every single game. I want their best, their 100%, their all. I want them to still feel confident even when they make a mistake. I want them to hold their heads high even if/when we lose a game. Throughout the season, I want them to grow as people, not just as athletes. I want to make them better players, better students, and better community members. 

My first step in all of these goals? Asking them to play like a girl. 

Can't wait to get started. 

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