Tuesday, August 12, 2014

DIY Jewelry Organizer

At the very beginning of time (aka 2 years ago), my dad gave me this awesome piece. I actually do not have a picture of the original, this is after I've painted the original a gray color.

At the time I was a single girl, and didn't need to leave notes for anyone. I was still using my plastic drawers from Walmart as my jewelry organizer. So, I got a fantastic idea! I would make it into a cork board, and then I could see all of my jewelry, and it would look like a pretty piece of decoration!

This beautiful creation sat on my kitchen/craft table for approximately 9 months. I was so excited to start it, that I began the project with about 10 wine corks. Then I was stuck. Duck Dude cut off a small piece of each wine cork so it would lay flat. Then I simply mod-podged each cork to the chalk board part. Slowly, but surely, we drank enough wine/enough friends gave me their corks (thanks Melanie and Ashley) that I was able to complete it!!


It really was the easiest and longest project I have done. And now I can see all my pretty jewelry and have thrown out the jewelry I have not worn in 5 years. 

Win, win for Mollie.... now my only question is... where is it going to go in Duck Dude's house once I move in? 

208 days if you were wondering. 

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