Thursday, August 7, 2014

MOB Dresses

Short and simple. Today we're going mother of the bride dress shopping. 

Dresses my mother is not allowed to even entertain the thought of buying.

She's not going to prom, she's not in a pageant, and she is not 80. Nope, natta, never.

Dresses she is allowed to think about wearing


Making sure my mother looks good on my wedding day isn't super bridezilla-y, right?


  1. Brides usually wear it while sporting turmeric or henna as gold jewelry might get spoiled when it comes in contact with them and they do save

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  2. Haha! So funny! I already have the dress in mind for my Mom, she told me she wanted to shop around but in the end she'll probably get what I chose. I'm calling this bridezilla moment #4. <-----I haven't had many so I'm pretty impressed with myself!

    1. haha it's really in her best interest!! :) We are just looking out for them!!!

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