Friday, August 22, 2014

Shake it Off

Oh heyyyy Mollie. Where you been all week? 

Oh, you've been in boring teacher trainings? That sounds terrible. 

Oh you've already been to that training before and had to sit through it again? That sounds dumb.

You don't have your iPads in your classroom yet? Annnd they cannot locate your "cart"? 

You have 36 in one class?? That seems like too many students. 

You haven't made one copy for Monday yet? 

Oh, it's because you haven't written your syllabus for this year yet? Hmm.. 

Some teachers are questioning why your doing standards based grading?

Well, haters gonna hate. Maybe you should just shake them off. 

**This blog may be used for rants at some times, but it is only so I do not physically hurt the haters.
***I'm like... half kidding.

And happy Friday, I really do mean that. 

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