Monday, January 2, 2017

Well, Hello 2017!

Well, I haven't posted anything since June 2nd, 2016. That's a little over 200 days. I think December is the first month that someone has not asked me, "When are you gonna start blogging again?" .......... 
And so, I'm ready to start blogging again! It was a lovely break where so many things happened. 
My plan is to not try and update you on everything that happened all in this one blog post, but I will fill you in along the way. 
My next biggest question was where to blog? Do I come back here to this space I've already established, or do I start a fresh new blog... probably titled "Trollie Living" or "Trollie Life". I talked to a couple family members and a couple blogger friends and finally concluded there was no right answer. I could, technically, do either! It was just a decision I had to make... 
So here I am. Back at my extremely long "" with my extremely old recaps of student teaching from 2009. But I'm also back at this space that was my journal for my non-existent dating life... until I met the one. Then it was my journal for our dating life, our engagement, the wedding planning process, our wedding, and life as a newlywed. I just couldn't let all of that go. It would be much more fancy to buy my own domain, drop the "many", and use WordPress or something. But, I've never been a super fancy person, and I just like this space that's right here. 
Besides all that..... HELLO 2017!!!! Nice to see you! Call me a math teacher, but I love odd years. Now I have a Baylor friend that is a little obsessed with even numbers (hi Kelsey), but I don't mind the odd numbers. 
Driving to my dad's house for Christmas, Trav and my blonde sister kept discussing how everyone was hating on 2016. 2016 wasn't all that bad. Then we proceeded to list a whole bunch of really cool things we did or happened in 2016. Mostly we became Aunt Mollie and Uncle Trav, we kind of all three got new jobs, we wake surfed and got some cool pictures doing it, we took a fun hour away staycation at an awesome lake house, we went to Napa, we went to NYC, we celebrated birthdays, baby showers, and weddings, and I got a garden I've been dreaming of since I moved in. 
2016 was not bad at all, but I cannot wait to see what 2017 has in store!! Stay tuned for my resolutions for this great, odd year of '17!


  1. I loved this until I got to the part about loving odd years, gross!

    1. Ha! Only for you my friend!! I survived 16... you can survive 17!!! :)